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Springfield Audubon Society
A chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society, located in Springfield, Illinois

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A couple of interesting items from McHenry Audubon:
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Wild Birds Unlimited compliments groups who work together to educate and preserve our local and state habitats for birds and wildlife. We have donated several birdfeeding staions to be used outside the education room at the newly expanded Adam's WildIife Santuary visitor's centor, and regularly participate in presenting seminars there.


In support of Springfield Audubon Society (SAS), Wild Birds Unlimited makes a donation to SAS for each 20 lb. bag of birdseed purchased by SAS members. At checkout, be sure to remind us of your membership so we can count your contirbution. 


SAS members can also receive 10% off regularly-priced, non-food merchandise, or may choose to have WBU donate that 10% to SAS.

Click here to see the Wild Birds Unlimited website.